Founded in 2004, 100%LIGHT® has profiled itself as the perfect partner in the production of your lighting architecture. We take care of all your home, commercial, hotel or other projects.

Backed by the experience of its founder, Charles-Emmanuel Heurion, and his partner, Ing. Tom Rebry, 100%LIGHT® has been in business for over ten years,
offering solutions to all your lighting needs. A world of creative lighting ideas opens up to you!

Today, 100%LIGHT® is exporting to more than 18 countries.

When developing new creations, 100%LIGHT® not only strives for great design and a perfect finish, but also pays much attention to the lighting comfort.

Sinds kort is Saproco partner van 100% Light®. Voor meer informatie en mogelijkheden neem contact met ons op via de mail: of  bel:  +31 (0) 793434003

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